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Amsterdam restaurants and bistros

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe (fourth popular destination in Europe) and filled with restaurants with different prices and cuisines. Because of it's colonial history you'll find a lot of Indonesian restaurants, tokos, grocery stores. But you can find many more from Asia like; India, China, Thailand, Japan or Vietnam. Other restaurants from the colonial past are from Suriname. There are restaurants from allmost every country in the world. Try one of the Dutch speciallities; bitterballen, kroketten, Amsterdamse uitjes (sweet unions), raw herring, stroopwafels, kaas (cheese), food from the wall (febo), oliebollen en appelflappen (only in december).

Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam: Ciel Bleu 2 Michelin stars, Restaurant Yamazato, Vinkeles, La Rive and Le Restaurant all with 1 Michelin star.

Restaurants outside Amsterdam: Delft restaurants, Noordwijk restaurants, Rotterdam restaurants, Schiedam restaurants and Zandvoort restaurants.

Amsterdam restaurants


Tapasrestaurant Paso Doble

Westerstraat 86

1015 MN Amsterdam

Tel: 020 4212670


Tapasrestaurant Manzano

Rozengracht 106

1016 NH Amsterdam

Tel: 020 6245752


Sal Gorda

Van Breestraat 107 HS

1071 ZJ Amsterdam

Tel: 020 6730877


Restaurant Halvemaan

Van Leijenberghlaan 320

1082 DD Amsterdam

Tel: 0031(0)20 6440348

Fax: 0031(0)20 6441777


Restaurant Visaandeschelde

Scheldeplein 4

1078 GR Amsterdam

Tel: 0031(0)20 6751583


Restaurant 'De Vrienden van Jacob'

Duin en Kruidbergerweg 60

2071 LE Santpoort

Tel: 0031(0)23 5121800

Fax: 0031(0)23 5121888

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